Aquariums – What are aquariums?

Aquariums – What are aquariums?

Aquariums - What are aquariums?

In this article we will see: Aquariums – What are aquariums?, Aquariums, windows into the wonders of aquatic life, captivate ocean enthusiasts. They offer miniature ecosystems where fish, corals, and plants coexist. These artificial habitats, both educational and aesthetically pleasing, allow for exploration of marine diversity and raise awareness about the importance of conservation.

Aquariums – What are aquariums?

The aquarium is a piece of a silent kingdom where everything is beauty, harmony, and perfection. Its origin is lost in the mists of time and carries the scent of legend. In ancient China, over two thousand years ago, during the reign of Emperor P’ing (769 BC), the gods caused a spring to rise to end a period of drought that had lasted for a hundred days.

They added a gift for humans: a golden carp, which darted in the water. This “celestial wonder,” as the monks who revered and raised it in the peace of their convents called it for centuries, began its history, now linked to that of humans, in the jade cup of an emperor. This marvelous little fish, of which travelers told amazed stories, was imported to Europe, and this messenger from a refined Far East, after adorning Madame de Pompadour’s salon, has reached us.

There are now more than 600 varieties of fish, of all sizes and colors. Each fish has behavior and habits that distinctly set it apart from others. There are those that are sociable and prefer to live in groups, the shy ones that hide among stones and plants, the “dandies,” with magnificent colors, which they make even more vibrant during mating displays. There are those that choose a mate and remain faithful to it for their entire lives and even after their death, and those that have a harem and prefer group love.

It is wrong to say that fish are mute. When disturbed, the eimekei angelfish emits a grunt.

There is no class difference among fish: the “cleaners,” who are useful, enjoy great consideration.

There is a color code that becomes brighter under the influence of love, hatred, hunger, or fear. After a fight, the colors of the loser fade as a sign of surrender. When a fish leaves its territory and wants to signal its peaceful intentions, it fades its colors. Many fish incline their heads in submission to the recognized “leader” and even accept that the most beautiful female belongs to him.

The hosts of the aquarium are not always peaceful. Deadly duels take place, as well as simulated fights, during which fish inflate, open their mouths wide, and display warrior colors, without actually confronting each other, simply to intimidate one another.

Mating displays and care for offspring also vary greatly among species. Some males force their females to lay eggs by pressing and pushing them, while others prefer to woo them gently. Some mothers keep their young in their mouths, while others ruthlessly devour them, while exemplary fathers take care of the eggs and fry, protecting them from all dangers.

The beauty in Aquariums

The aquarium is a fascinating, graceful, and friendly world. But, it is sometimes cruel, like the world we live in, recreating in the water the lifestyles and behaviors of humans. It is hard to resist the charm of this small world, although sometimes it is considered just a decorative element, forgetting that the interest of the aquarium lies in its inhabitants, living beings with requirements that must be properly cared for. If we forget this, the ornament of our living room will quickly turn into a foul-smelling, lifeless container. On the other hand, those who dedicate some of their time to this true living picture, and to the animals that animate it, will derive great satisfaction.

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