Birds – The Common Cuckoo

The Common Cuckoo

The Common Cuckoo

The Common Cuckoo, male

In this article we will see: “The Common Cuckoo“, birds, diverse and captivating, grace our skies with their melodies. From vibrant plumage to impressive flights, they captivate with endless wonders.

The Common Cuckoo

Brief Background

The Common cuckoo is known in Ornithology as Cuculus canorus. The Common Cuckoo belongs to cuckoos genus which belongs to Cuculidae family. And the Cuculidae family belongs itself to the Cuculiformes ordre. This study will cover all the necessary parts of Ornithology in order to have a better view concerning this bird.

Appearance and Behaviour

Length: 34 cm (13 inches); wing folded: 200 to 230 mm (8-9 inches); wing: 60 cm (24 inches); tail: 170 mm (7 inches); wingspan: 26 mm (1 inches). Weight: 110 grammes.

Slate gray dorsal part varying to blackish gray for primary flight feathers and tail; lighter grey on the head and chest; whitish horizontally striped with gray feathers on the belly; tail dotted with white; blackish beak; yellowish orange eye; yellow paws. Depending on the age phase, the female is identical to the male with a reddish plumage on it

Identified and spotted thanks to its special sound calls, the Common Cuckoo does not allow itself to be observed by whoever wants to. Despite its average size, it is a bird that can be seen easily.

Its airborne gait is that of a kestrel and except when standing on top of a bald branch to sing, it prefers to stay in cover.

The Common Cuckoo

The female of The Common cuckoo


The Common Cuckoo feasts on insects, especially very large caterpillars.

The Common Cuckoo's voice sample


Arrived at the local nesting site in April, it is in May that the female Common Cuuckoo lays the eggs one by one in the nest of warblers, robins, etc. the eggs have variable background and spots depending on the host. Medium size of the egg: 16 x22 mm (0.60 x0.80 inches); weight: 3.5 g. after 12 days of incubation, the egg hatches, releasing a young. The first reaction of that young chick is to throw all the occupants off the nest. The young bird leaves the nest after 3 weeks, and becomes independent after 21 days later.

The Common Cuckoo

The Common cuckoo’s eggs


In July the adults are ready to spend winter in tropical Africa.


The Common Cuckoo breeds throughout Europe, and in North Africa up to Eastern Siberia.

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