The Cuculidae

The Cuculidae

One Of the Cuculidae birds

Brief Background

The Cuculidae  is also known in Ornithology as: Cuculidae. The Cuculidae family belongs to the Cuculiformes ordre. This study will cover all the necessary parts of Ornithology in order to have a better view concerning this Family.

Appearance and Behaviour

Cuculidae have a fourth talon that can be adjusted according to the bird position and bihaviour.

With dark plumage at the dorsal part, getting paler at the abdominal part, cuckoos’ feathers are often gray, brown and red. The beak is rather short, curved above, sometimes thin, and sometimes thick. Some species carry a crest. The wings are pointed, the tail is long, and the legs are short. Cuckoos love the woods where they find the insects they feast on.

Well known for their calls, these birds also have an unenviable reputation as parasite birds. In fact, only two-thirds of species use other birds’ nests to lay their eggs. While some cuckoos are model parents, others are content to steal a nest only, but take care of their eggs and young themselves.

The laying is usually 5 to 12 eggs, the color of which matches those of the host in parasitic species. Deposited in a foreign nest, it is the young cuckoo himself who, after a very short incubation period, expels his adopted young brothers from birth.

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